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Nizeing Speelautomaten

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Paul Niezing Automaten is a Delft-based operator of amusementmachines.
We provide the service of operating pinball machines, Photoplay machines and video arcade machines in pubs, coffeeshops and restaurants.

No 1 in Pinball

We also rent pinball machines to company-pubs on a fixed-price-basis. These machines are put on "freeplay", we provide technical service on demand.

List of available Pinball Machines

If you want any information about our activities you can call us at anytime!

Protective Pinball Playfield Foil

We also sell transparent self-adhesive foil to protect your pinball playfield. (100% polyesther) A similar (pre-cut) foil was supplied by Bally and Williams in the 70's - 80's and was also known as "Mylar". (Mylar is a protected Dupont Brand Name.)
Our foil is even better because it's thinner. It will not affect the ball trajectory. Read the foil installing guide (in Dutch) here.
This foil is used by Dutch operators for over 17 years!!
Ask us about our overseas shipping terms here. (put some text in the "opmerkingen" field.)